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Democratize access to quality educational resources and opportunity. 

  • Facilitate better communication between learners, education providers, and employers.
  • Bring a lean approach to education, reducing average student loan debt.
  • Create personalized, flexible, and affordable learning pathways.
  • Improve educational decision making by providing an investment perspective to learning.
  • Empower the knowledgable to share expertise and recommendations scalably.


Find My Path 

Organizing the world's best educational resources by career, course, skill, and topic by Crowdsourcing.

Creating customized learning plans to make education personalized, flexible, and affordable. 

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We're here to help. 

  • Employers: Communicate your hiring needs, connect with future employees earlier.
  • Education Providers: Share and market resources
  • Learners: Find the resources and pathways that best fit your needs and interests.

Learners find resources. 

Experts share resources by career, course, or skill. 

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