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A first of it's kind professional development platform centered around lean learning and finding the perfect path to your ideal career


Finding your perfect career is hard. We make it easier, faster, and more affordable.

With our platform it's never been easier to find the educational resources, mentors, courses, books, podcasts, and more to learn the skills necessary to obtain the career or learn the skills you've been hoping for.


Pre-made paths to help you learn skills or change careers faster and more reliably

The entire Find My Path platform was built to make it easy for you to know what resources you need and when during your journey.  We call this Knowledge Efficiency Mapping. Whether it's articles, videos, books, podcasts, mentors, certificaitons, or something else, Find My Path has it laid out simply and intuitively.

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Thousands of crowdsourced educational resources at your fingertips

All Find My Path content contributors are verified experts in their fields, so each piece of content in our system is expert recommended. Never guess if something is a reliable or trustworthy. Navigate confidently through our carefully crafted pathways that help you know and understand exactly what you should learn and when.


Endorse and be endorsed for contributions to content and your career

To ensure quality content we have an endorsement engine which allows the community to upvote and endorse educational content. We also allow you to be endorsed by others, further bolstering your career prospects and reputation as an expert.

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Built with learners, employers, & education providers in mind

We believe that our solution is comprehensive in that it benefits each user group equally. Truly, a Win, Win, Win. 

We believe the root cause of many workforce devleopment, educational obtainment, and financial issues stem from poor communication. With better communication, we can accelerate skill development, minimize unnecessary, misguided educational spending, reduce the cost of turnover, and create curriculum that keeps pace with innovation. 

So, while we help connect learners to lean learning pathways filled with expert recommended resources, we empower employers to influence curriculum and workforce readiness, as well as enable education providers and their networks to share their resources and recommendations scalably, increasing their reach and impacting more lives, far beyond their current reach, easily.

Find My Path's community of learners and experts are hungry to know what you think they should be learning and what you're teaching.

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